Chakra Cleansing Course – November 2020


Do you feel tired? Emotional, anxious, depressed?Are you in need of assistance, need help with releasing collective fear from your energy field?

The energies of November 2020 are upon us, using an upgrade of light language helps you release the dense energy held within your chakras, energy bodies, and connection to the collective energy held within the collective fear consciousness. Allow yourself to connect with me, I will channel light codes into your field and release density that no longer serves you. Use your breath to release, observe the sensations of your experience, allow your integration, and see you raise in your vibration enabling yourself to tap into higher levels of consciousness.

Foundational information I would recommend is the Intuitive breath mastery and Invisible self. These courses will help you get the most out of the chakra cleansing course.

The Invisible Self – Intuitive Energy Awareness Course

Intuitive Breath Mastery