Intuitive Healer Healing Course – using Light Language with Nicola Russell

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Intuitive Healer Healing Course- Advanced Understanding Light Language Course with Nicola Russell – Dialects, Fire Codes, and Using your Gift in Your Own Healing Modality

Nicola Russell has been practicing using Light Language in her healing modality for over six years and has built up a firm foundation of understanding of how to use your gift of Light. This Advanced Course will not only help you heal a little deeper yourself but, will enable you to heal others as a Light Language Healer. Enhancing your understanding through Nicola’s experiences, this course will accelerate your healing modality to another level, bypassing the need to understand as you go through the unveiling of your gifts.

This course is for those that have a firm foundation of understanding their gift of Light Expression.

The expression of sound/ voice/ dialects and fire codes are covered during this course. There is also a section on Advanced Healing of Others through using Light Language, as well as understanding Galactic Shaman elements of healing.

Include 3x Light Language Transmissions


I would recommend Understanding Light Language Course as a firm foundation for understanding your gift.


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