3 x One To One Mentoring Session with Nicola Russell



3x One to One Mentoring Sessions – Soul to Soul Mentoring with Nicola

Are you committed to your ascension journey? Having a guiding hand will enable you to move through your emotional and mindset blocks. Keeping you accountable, will help you move onwards and upwards. A transformational program, of pure clarity of mind, body, and soul.

3 sessions of hourly mentoring with Nicola, will empower you into understanding your ascension journey to a greater degree. This will change your perspective and soul growth.



Note: Energetic upgrades during your sessions

During the sessions, you may also receive downloads of Light language coding of your energetic field. An amazing bonus to work with Nicola.

Note: All the information is from Nicola’s perspective and gained through her intuitive insight and divine intuitive direction.

Website:  www.reikirussell.co.uk

Email: russellnicola@icloud.com



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