New Instructors Course Codex

Welcome to Starseed YOU!

To get started building your course you click here to log in to your Dashboard. At the right-hand top of the dashboard page, it says “ADD A NEW COURSE.”  Click it and your adventure in course building begins!

Things To Know:

These are a few things that will help you get your courses up and running. Really, you can do your course any way you like, but below is a little help and of course, those “must adds” are at the bottom.

Adding Your Course:

After you hit “add course” on your dashboard this will be the first page you’ll see. At the top red arrow, this is where you add your Title. The full box paragraph area is where you basically advertise your class. This area will show up in the store, so you want to fully describe your class, add your name and a link to your website at the bottom.

Notice the other pink arrows. These are places where you can update your fonts, add media and so much more.


When Posting a course, categories are your best friends. Be sure to add your name to the category list, full name with a space, and always check it. This will allow your courses to be on a special page made up of just your courses.

You must also check COURSE LIST. This one is vital or your class won’t show up in the online store.

Tags and Featured Images:

Tags work just like the hashtags on social media, only instead of hashtags signs at the beginning, we use commas at the end. Add your name, always with a space, and whatever tags you choose to use.

Featured Images must be added and in a 3×4 size. This image will be pulled for your shop image and be seen whenever you share your course. So be sure that this image has the title of your course and your name on it.

Building Your Course:

There are lots of ways you can build your course. You can break it up into lots of sections, do single sections, add a section per topic. Whatever resonates with you is exactly how you should do it. You can add quizzes, upload books, images, links, videos… it truly is all up to you.

Adding A Video Link:

When uploading your video, you must have already saved it on your YouTube Channel as an UNLISTED link. Unlisted allows you to store it on YouTube, but only allows you to share it with those that have your link.

You click the video source as YouTube and continue.

It will then ask you for your YouTube link. You paste it in and click “Upload Attachment.” Once it has taken the link, you click “Update Lesson” and you have just added your video lesson.

Remember, for that video to play it must be set in Unlisted Mode on YouTube. If you make it a live video on YouTube it goes to your channel for all to see, if you make it Private, you and only you can view it. So be sure to set it to Unlisted for all your courses.

Adding Your Welcome Video:

This is your 2 to 3-minute free welcome video. It is basically is what you wrote in the paragraph at the beginning, when you began building your course. You are telling your students all about your new course. What they will be learning and why they need to take it. We have found that a good welcome video really sells your product. So make it fun, put your energy into it.

When you are ready to add it, it’s just like adding a video to your course. You save it on your YouTube site, this time though you save it for all to see. This is a great way to share your course with your followers. Then add your YouTube link to the Course Video Intro area of your course and you are all set.

Now we get to the important step…

Getting Paid – Adding Your SKU:

When you are completely finished. Your class is perfect and you are ready to publish it. We need to add a SKU to your course to add your pricing.

To do this, you email

In your email, you include the full title of your Course, the price you want to list your course at, and if you want it to have it originally set at sales price. If it’s on sale, how long do you want it on sale? So include the end sale dates.

Add all those things to the email and we will add your product. Your course will then go live and be published. So don’t reach out for this until you are completely and totally ready for your course to be live.

Once it is live, you will receive an email saying it’s up!

That really is all there is to it.

Couple things to remember, also choose “Course List” under categories. Always add your name to your courses. Always make your course videos set as Unlisted on YouTube. If you keep those few things in mind, you will be a huge success making courses at Starseed YOU!