Soul Tribe Second Saturday

Come join me, SA Smith from A Girl in the Universe every second Saturday of each month, for a Soul Tribe session all about YOU.

This group is all about YOU. Your Ascension Symptoms, Your Feelings, Your Experiences. We gather as a group and share what we are going through and how we are dealing with all these new experiences.

You need a tribe now. I am hearing this from so many of the Collective, that they don’t have anyone to talk to. That the people around them just don’t understand. They want to share what is happening to them but their friends and family just don’t have a clue!

Now you have a group that UNDERSTANDS fully and completely.

We gather together to join our own tribe of amazing lightworkers, wayshowers, and newly awakened. To offer our help, our guidance, our understandingand our love. To join our thoughts and energies. To help each other get through these times and experience all the amazing things we are going through with others that are going through it too.

I will be there with you, SA Smith, moderating and adding my thoughts and truths to the group.

I am also asking for a $5 donation. Sometimes when things are free we don’t take them seriously.


Won’t you join us via Zoom on Saturday, December 12th at 2 pm EST.

You are needed, come join your Soul Tribe.

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By: SA Smith

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  • December 12, 2020
    2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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