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Understanding Light Language Course with Nicola Russell

  • by Nicola
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Understanding Light Language Course with Nicola Russell – Galactic Shaman, Quantum Energy, and Sound Healer

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Have you just activated your light language? Or are really interested in this subject?

Talking a ‘strange’ language, starting to write strange texts, and moving your body uncontrollably twitching and body jerking? Or are you just interested in finding out about Light communication?

The awakening process brings us greater understandings of who we are, and along with this understanding, we unveil many gifts. One of these gifts is the communication of light. The evolution of communication on Earth. Whether it is the communication through the expression of the voice, body movements, or written text and artwork, light communication transmits information at a deep soul level of understanding. Once you start to clear your blocks, the gift becomes clearer to understand.

If you want a greater understanding of Light Language, then this is the course for you. From the basics to advanced information, the whole spectrum of information is available in this course. Speed up your understanding by tapping into my knowledge of this subject. NOTE: The written information is channeled writing by Nicola Russell, Higher Self, and multidimensional aspects.

Light Transmission for Light Language activation is channeled at the end of this course. If you are ready for the unveiling of your light language communication it will be activated. No guarantee is given in this transmission, as emotional and density blocks may be present in the energetic field. Layers of codes are present, so please watch this section at least three times. If you are already activated, these codes are set to upgrade your energetic field to a higher level of consciousness.


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What Will I Learn?

  • Understand your activated light language
  • Surrender and trust the process of the integration of Light communication
  • Embrace and evolve into your a full understanding of the activated gift of light

Topics for this course

38 Lessons05h


Welcome to the light language course
Levels of Understanding and Emotional Response00:06:45
Mental Body Adjustments00:04:16
Receiving Light Codes00:03:38
Physical Body Integration of Dialect00:06:09
Every Soul Communicates00:03:30
Introduction in light communication

Light Language Beginnings

Forms of Expressions

Physicality of Communication of Light

Fire Codes

Template Adjustment

Quantum Energy Information

Galactic Shaman

Multidimensional Aspects

Light Language Transmission

Activation Transmission Video

What’s next?

About the instructor



Nicola is an intuitive energy and sound healer. Her life path is to set you free. She is an amazing soul-to-soul mentor who helps many people on their spiritual journey and ascension pathways to find their mission here on planet Earth. You will find a clarification of this once you have connected to her and her activated gifts of Light. Light codes direct from higher sources of intelligence in the form of Light codes will activate and heal your understanding of who you truly are. From the humble beginnings of Reiki, her understanding of energetic frequencies and the embodiment of higher dimensional frequencies of consciousness will help you understand yourself a little deeper. Opening up everything that is Light in your energy and uncovering your own gifts to support you.
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This course was very helpful on my journey and I enjoyed it a lot! I really appreciate the lovely way Nicola is guiding through the course.

I really enjoyed this course helped me understand what was happening with my own journey and how to embrace the process. Nicola is easy to follow and understand. highly recommended

I enjoyed this course. The only thing that disappointed me was that I thought it would be about learning to understand the meaning of light language. I was hoping this course would open up the remembrance of understanding the frequencies. That said, it was a very interesting course, and I did gain new understanding of the awakening process.

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Material Includes

  • Video and Channeled Written Content
  • Light Language Transmission - Activation


  • To be open-minded, trust, surrender, and embrace your gift.