Self Healing – Using Your Activated Light Language


Light Language Code

Have you just started speaking light language? Are you moving your hands around, not quite sure why and how this can help your evolution and ascension?

This course will help your understanding and enable you to self-heal with your new gift.

Surrender to the physical body and blend with the new light codes, you will activate your remembrance. Clearing deep blocks and opening up to new layers of understanding.

1 Hour video content and written work.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand your gift of light language to heal yourself
  • Physcial body movements -
  • Facial
  • Body
  • Jaw and mouth
  • Hand
  • Breath
  • How to clear using light language

Topics for this course

11 Lessons01h

Light Language

Facial Expression04:09
Physical Body Movements06:33
Clearing your energy using light language05:09
Observation of ‘quiet downloads’07:11
Jaw and mouth movements06:56
Hand movements11:55
Light Language and breath04:52
Thank you for joining me43
Practical Demonstration of using my light language12:11
Testing you understanding and journaling

One to One Mentoring?

If you wish to take your gift to the next level of understanding, connect with me to arrange a mentoring session.

Quantum Energy and light language healing session?

If you feel the need to release any density, blocks in your energetic field connect with me to arrange a healing session.
$49.99 $19.99


  • Embrace your gift, surrender, and trust the process.