One To One Mentoring Session with Nicola Russell


Remembrance into the Light with Nicola Russell

Do you feel you need something more in your life? Bored with the same old job, relationships, experiences? Upset with the world around you? You just do not feel you fit in. There is something you need to do here, something you have forgotten.


Remembrance into the Light

It is time for the great awakening, as a collective and most importantly YOU. It is time to put away your old belief systems, old ways, old relationships, and bring in the new. It is time to wake up and remember who you are. 


Where to start…?

Start your journey with downloading online foundational information courses. This saves you time and money on your one to one mentorship sessions. The information is accessible at all times. Choose from the following courses available, We recommend Intuitive breath mastery and The invisible self to begin with this will give you a firm foundation, understanding, ready for your one to one sessions.

Intuitive breath mastery – $5.55 Sale Price!

The Invisible Self – energy awareness $19.99 Sale Price!

Pure Channeling Course – $19.99 Sale Price!

Self-healing using Light language – $19.99 Sale Price!

(More sessions will be available soon from Nicola Russell, other courses are also available on the website from other instructors.)


NOTE: A total of 5 hours worth of video content and additional written information saving you one to one mentoring time, we can get straight onto working on YOU!

To download courses go to –

Once you have taken the online courses and feel comfortable with the information we can move onto arranging a convenient date for your first mentoring session.



No ordinary mentorship program – remembrance into the light is a program that has been brought together over years of experience showing you the way forward into your light. This program is tailored to your needs. Remembering who you are and why you are here.


Energetic upgrades during your sessions

During the sessions, you may also receive downloads of Light language coding and collaboration of your energetic field. An amazing bonus to working with Nicola Russell.

Note: All the information is from Nicola’s perspective and gained through her intuitive insight and divine intuitive direction.


Foundation subjects:

Energy awareness; chakras, energy flow, grounding,

Breath mastery; intuitive breathwork

Mindfulness tools; meditation, being in the now

Empowerment of self; not giving your power away to others, mindset

Neutrality; observation of others and experiences outside of yourself

Positive mind; positive affirmations, the law of attraction



More advanced information:

Pure channeling; automatic writing, healing modality

The physical body; emotional blocks, the pain body, surrendering to your multidimensional aspects

Finding your own healing modality; surrendering to your gifts

Advanced healing modalities; entities, implants, clearing energy blocks


Please contact Nicola Russell for more details.




What Will I Learn?

  • Having a mentor in your life is so beneficial
  • it keeps you on track,
  • keeps you accountable
  • Feel supported during your ascension.

Topics for this course

1 Lessons01h 30m

Information video?

This video will help you understand what I am offering within my mentorship program. The program will always be bespoke and tailored to your individual needs.
Remembrance into the light mentorins session information14:07
$99.00 $88.00


  • Regardless of the stage of your ascension process, there will be information and guidance that will help you through to your next level.