Multidimensional Aspects – Integrations


These series of videos will help you understand the integration of multidimensional aspects.

Please note: This is not a true indication of my other courses but is here for your information on self-actualization.

Shifting into the remembrance of who you truly are through the ascension process, you will experience some ‘crazy’ realizations. You are not just a human being in the physical form, but you are also energetic and multidimensional.

These series of videos, I talk about my experiences with the integration of several aspects of myself. Including the gift of light language, includes some light language transmissions for you to experience.

Check out the Pure channeling course and Invisible self to help you move forward with your own journey of integrating your multidimensional aspects.

What Will I Learn?

  • This series of videos will help you understand you are NOT going mad!
  • Many people are feeling these experiences as they are ascending into higher dimensions, as their vibration is raising.

Topics for this course

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Multidimensional aspect integrations?

A series of videos that explain my experiences of multidimensional aspects.
Integration of Fairy Energy08:42
Integration of Dragon Energy03:46
Integration of Angelic Energy05:38
Integration of Starbeings07:07
Integration of your gift of Light Language19:19

Meditative Light language transmission

Integrate your multidimensional aspects?

Connect with me to help you integrate your multidimensionality
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  • Open mindset. Observe my truth and surrender to all possibilities.