Mindful Mindful Panda – Breathwork for Children


Mindful Mindful Panda
Do you need tools to help your child with their emotions? Want something your child will find useful and yet fun? Take a look at this module. Breathwork is so powerful, the more you practice these tools the easier the process becomes. Let go of your emotions by using your intention and breathwork. Simple and easy to use, become the superhero you were born to be.

Children are amazing, they already are holding so much light and we need to maintain this sense of flow. Anchoring in this understanding of the superhero self will help this change into the world we all want it to be.

Join me with Mindful Mindful Panda and understand how breathwork can help your child feel calm and relaxed, letting go of any emotions that keep them in fear, anxiety, and anger.

30 minutes video content.



What Will I Learn?

  • Understanding breathwork for children
  • Use breath to help regulate your child's emotions
  • Use breath to create a calming experience

Topics for this course

5 Lessons30m

Introduction to breathwork?

Introduce your children to breathwork and see them create an ability to calm their emotions.
Introduction to breath video04:08
Bumble breath03:58
Box breath for focus03:58
Finger breath for calm and balance03:38
Belly breath05:28
Journal your breath experiences
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  • Be open to all possibilities!
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Journal and take note of your journey