Journey to meet your Animal Guides with Amanda Parnell


Have you ever wondered if you have an animal guide? Do you frequently see the same animal or feel drawn to a particular animal that just resonates with you at a soul level? Do you feel that animals hold significance to certain events playing out in your life? This guided journey is intended to help you connect with your animal guides and see what messages they have for you at the moment. It can be done as frequently or infrequently as you choose but I feel it’s important to check in with our animal guides on a weekly basis to see what messages they bring and what areas could use our attention!

Amanda Parnell
Feeling Herd Healing

What Will I Learn?

  • Meet your Animal Guides
  • Guidance from the Animal Kingdom
  • Meet your Spirit Animal
  • Spiritual Guidance

Topics for this course

1 Lessons20m

Taking the journey?

This includes advice for how to benefit most from this journey as well as the journey itself!
Enjoy the journey!17:34