Energy Connection – Module 3 Energy and the Physical Body


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Energy connection – module 3 Energy and the Physical body.

Are you really enjoying understanding your energy and want to know more? What is the connection with the physical body and energy release?

This module is important to help you understand how to move the energy through your and start your potential journey onto becoming an energy healer! More courses and events will be coming soon. Look out for your next course and sign up for our newsletter.

Dense energy gets blocked/ stuck in the physical body, the movement of the physical body/ stretching will help the process of release. Here are some tools and understanding to help you disperse your blocked energy, preventing dis-ease.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understanding your energy
  • How to feel your energy
  • How to see energy
  • Understand you are more than the physical
  • Intention setting
  • Practical physical exercises to let go of density

Topics for this course

12 Lessons01h

More than the physical?

We are more than the physical we are also energetic
More than the Physical03:09
Downloads and upgrades06:47
Physical self03:09
Can you see energy?02:37
Can you feel energy?08:26
Journal your experiences

Connection to Breath and practical?

Understand your breath to help you release

One to One mentoring and healing?

It is great to keep pushing through your boundaries. Keep understanding and practice to gain a greater remembrance.


  • Preferably beneficial to work through module 1 and 2