Energy Connection – Module 2 Emotional Release and Boundary setting


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This is the 2nd module of Energy Connection – Emotional release and boundary setting.

Do you want to connect with your emotions? Want to let them go?

See them as energetic and you will find yourself able to let go of your emotions that no longer serve you!

This technique of emotional regulation is great for all ages. I would recommend you complete module 1 to get a sound foundation of knowledge.

Learn how to observe your emotions and release them with my fail-proof way of letting go.

(This information is found in the FULL COURSE – The Invisible You.)

What Will I Learn?

  • Understanding energy
  • Maintain a balanced emotional state
  • Regulate your emotions using helpful techniques
  • Learn how to let go energetically
  • Release energy from your physical body that may cause dis-ease

Topics for this course

7 Lessons01h

Energy awareness?

Energy and the emotional state is covered in this section
Frequency of emotions06:09
Ego and heart03:55

Energetic boundaries?

Understand how to create energetic boundaries

Practical energy releasing?

Understand how to let go of your dense emotional blocks

One to One mentoring and energy healing session?

Once you feel you understand this practice why not connect with me to have a one to one session? If you feel you have blocks, let me facilitate a healing session.


  • Preferrable to complete Module 1 - Energy Connection module