Energy Connection – Module 1 (The Invisible Self)


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Do you enjoy learning about new things? Have you just started questioning your reality? Are you finding you keep getting tingles on the top of your head, shivers, and strange things happening? Do you want to understand more about energy?

This module is all about Energy Connection. The first step in understanding you are more than a physical human being living here on Earth. Either download the FULL COURSE or work through the individual modules.

1-hour Video and written content.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understanding all about energy
  • Connection to your energetic bodies and centers
  • Connection to the Universe
  • Connection to the Earth
  • Learn about density and how to release
  • Learn about esoteric gaps
  • How to bring in lighter and higher frequencies of energy
  • How to ground your energy
  • Understand we are more than the physical

Topics for this course

17 Lessons01h

General understanding of energy?

Understand your energy and be empowered to clear.
Energy awareness07:38
Chakras and flow04:58
Density of energy07:07
Esoteric Gaps05:22
Being in your flow04:09
Cultivation of Positive Energy – light07:17
Connection to energy02:39

Connection to the Universe?

Understanding our energy that is connected to the Universe

Connection to Earth?

Understanding how to connect to the Earth

Connection to the Physical?

Understand how to connect energetically to your physical body

Everything is energy?

We are more than the physical, we are energy.

Mentoring session One to One?

Connect with me if you wish to understand more about energy


  • Work through these videos and discover more about energy
  • Be open to the information
  • Trust and surrender to the process of connection
  • Push through your boundaries and barriers of understanding