Energetic emotional release?

Learn how to tap into your emotions and let them go through all time and space

Quantum Energy information?

All things quantum and energetic - channeled information

EER Phases?

Your personal journey of EER
What to expect?

This course is not for the faint-hearted, it is about getting raw, real, and not about skimming over the surface and pushing your emotions back down into yourself. 

Some of the video content will evoke your emotions, this is good. When you experience this allow and observe how this makes you feel. Check-in with your emotion. Recognize it. Notice the phases of the practice, either take note mentally or write it down. Once this is achieved your understanding will increase and layer by layer you will have a conscious practice evolve before your very eyes.

My way of doing things is not necessary your way, so be discerning of the practice information. Take what you want and need in the now moment. If something doesn’t resonate, leave it to one side and come back to it later. Enjoy the learning and soul expansion, see and notice the difference you are making with your practice. Every now moment and practice will be absolutely right, always perfect.