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A Series of Light Language Codes with Nicola Russell – 5 Alignment of Template

  • by Nicola
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A Series of Light Language Codes with Nicola Russell – 5th of 8 Series Alignment of Templates

Following on from January, February, and March’s codes, April is now available.

There are 3 Transmissions adjusting your heart to higher levels of consciousness, heart to lower chakras, adjustments of template systems, balancing your energy to hold more light. transmutation through the heart chakra. Explanations of the transmissions are included to help you navigate and gain a higher level of understanding of the light codes. All for your greater good and the evolution of your soul.

These light language codes are here to help you adjust your energetic field and upgrade your gridwork systems, held within your energetic field. Releasing energetic blocks. Enable yourself to move into connecting with these codes, empowering yourself to flow into your sovereignty.

What Will I Learn?

  • Use these channeled codes to help your clear your energetic field and chakra systems
  • Align your templates
  • Connection to higher levels of consciousness
  • Balance your energetic flow systems
  • Explanations of transmissions to empower you on your ascension journey
  • A complete energetic code system to help you upgrade your templates into a greater understanding of self

Topics for this course

8 Lessons01h 40m

Introduction to April Chakra Clearing codes

Chakra Clearing Codes

Thank you for joining me

About the instructor



Nicola is an intuitive energy and sound healer. Her life path is to set you free. She is an amazing soul-to-soul mentor who helps many people on their spiritual journey and ascension pathways to find their mission here on planet Earth. You will find a clarification of this once you have connected to her and her activated gifts of Light. Light codes direct from higher sources of intelligence in the form of Light codes will activate and heal your understanding of who you truly are. From the humble beginnings of Reiki, her understanding of energetic frequencies and the embodiment of higher dimensional frequencies of consciousness will help you understand yourself a little deeper. Opening up everything that is Light in your energy and uncovering your own gifts to support you.
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My first experience with Light Language. Did not know what to do, to expect, just followed the flow of energies, during the process I was dancing, swaying, shaking and finally felt totally cleansed. Saw lots and all kinds of energies, think I was able to transmute my negative collective energies, that I almost felt so clean and clear after the second time around and the energies continued to flow with me in my sleep. I was so empowered and had cleared a lot more of my "dark snakelike " energies? I did have a nice "dream or vision" of a nice world full of love and bounty, I am so full of gratitude and looking forward to the Light Activation on !5 April! Thank you

This felt like life changing codes!! Truly fantastic :D

I feel amazing! Thank you so much you beautiful soul of Oness 💗 I so look forward to our session Tuesday! I also really love the whiteboard part where you explain everything in detail, this is brilliant.So many layers the more I play this! Thank you!


Material Includes

  • Video and written content


  • Connect with my energy, surrender, and trust the process