Chakra Cleansing – October 2020 Energies


Light Language Code

Light Language Code

Are you working on yourself and need a little help? Are interested in Light Language healing? Do you want to upgrade your energy?

These series of videos are here for you to download and experience an upgrade to October 2020 energies. The intention set is of the highest frequencies of chakra cleansing for the collective energy blocks held within your system. You will experience collective healing, releasing collective blocks, this will enable you to upgrade your energetic system into the new energies available in this now moment. October 2020.

I am working in a time pocket and will connect with you when you set your intention to allow our connection. I hope you go with your intuition and connect with me. See you soon for your upgrade!


What Will I Learn?

  • Chakra clearing videos will help your release collective density from your energetic field.
  • Understand how I work and enable you to expand your experiences
  • Release density within your internal energetic and external energy bodies
  • Upgrade your energy field to connect to higher levels of consciousness
  • Use again and again to help assist you in your self-healing sessions

Topics for this course

9 Lessons01h

Chakra Cleansing session?

Experience a collective chakra cleansing with these videos working for your highest good.
Chakra Cleansing Introduction to videos – Collective Healing05:32
Base chakra cleansing06:32
Sacral chakra cleansing06:07
Solar plexus cleansing07:45
Heart cleansing cleansing09:15
Throat chakra cleansing05:07
Third eye cleansing08:18
Intuitive message04:42
One to One session
$19.99 $9.99


  • Allow yourself to give me permission to connect with your energy. Connect deeper and feel the energy lift-off you as you surrender to the process. Light language is used during this process. It may feel surreal at first. Observe what happens.