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Personal Live Zoom Session with Robert van Kooten


I learned a lot about spiritual work. I am a Reiki Master and NLP and Hypnoses Master and learned to “perceive purely.” I have performed dozens of workshops from Merkabah to Munay-ki, but in essence, I am an intuitive healer. In 2020 I remembered my skills as a Light Language healer, but then a special one. One who knows Divine, Source, and Holy keys and also is a key maker.  This results in, that I have the ability to focus on a specific topic and then I speak out that intention, and the codes keys and frequencies start. During the frequencies, I state aloud where it is aimed to make it even stronger. In this, I direct my energy like a laser beam. In the geometry of the collective field, there are many blocked points and they show up as black dots. When I move that energy, I target something; I kind of hit dark spots, with that (laser) beam. And this beam goes directly to the core and if needed into the DNA and or the Cerebral Cortex (brain area of memory). Then the energy starts to expand inside-out.

So, anything needed can be treated. This is a special ability I bring to you in a private, one on one online Zoom Session.

Are you ready to open up your energy like never before?

I am looking forward to working with you,

Robert van Kooten

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What Will I Learn?

  • My laser precise directed energy will help at anything for you to improve

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